Allocation of Funds for Design Components


London DAO recently contracted @Vonelgg to assist us in our rebranding efforts. @Vonelgg has presented London DAO with the initial design proposal and in order to proceed with the Font choices included in the proposed design, London DAO will need to approve the release of additional funds to cover the cost of licensing the font as the exepense falls outside of the scope of work contractually agreed on. The total quoted amount is $304.50 USD.


  • We are at the final stages of London DAO’s rebrand and working out the last components of our visual identity. @Vonelgg has done a great job breaking down the London DAO brand in order to create artful media assets that truly represent the DAO and community. This document proposes that we purchase the license for what will be our flagship font(s).

  • @Vonelgg’s work is incredibly commendable. Drawing from our namesake and brand details, he has chosen a font style that members can identify with and has selected these design components because of their usability and because they align with London DAO’s brand personality and values.

  • The ‘Optician Sans’ typeface is open source and can be found on Github; however, in order to use the other proposed typefaces as an organization we must purchase the license.

  • @Vonelgg has offered to purchase the rights to license the fonts on behalf of London DAO to simplify the process given that we are almost a 100% blockchain based organization.

  • If approved, @Vonelgg will acquire the rights to 5 different fonts for our Web Design and Branding, with rights granted to 1-5 users and up to 10,000 page views per month. This will be sufficient for London DAO.

  • Owning the rights to a typeface that is more exclusive to London DAO can assist us in creating a refined brand identity that is unique to the London DAO community. @vonelgg emphasized these selections because they strongly communicate London DAO’s personality. Proprietary brand assets also add brand equity.

  • See a copy of the invoice for details.

  • London DAO would reimburse Blacksmith Branding the equivalent amount of $304.50 in ETH from the treasury.


London DAO Council members will determine whether or not to release additional funds to support the design choices. If this proposal on Forum is accepted by the Council, we will determine whether or not its necessary to also post this proposal to Snapshot for a wider community vote before proceeding to distribute the funds.