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Title: Sponsorship of Crypto-gucci.eth’s week in NFT twitter thread

Authors: @dave4506 @CryptoGucci

Team: @dave4506

Date Created: 11-8-2021

Date Posted: 11-12-2021


Crypto-gucci.eth produces a weekly series of twitter threads on the happenings of the NFT space. The threads are detailed and exhaustive and stand to be a great resource for the broader NFT space to understand all the happenings in the NFT industry.

To that, Crypto-gucci.eth seeks a grant/sponsorship to support the continued creation of the week in NFT twitter threads.

BACKGROUND ← some of the most exhaustive and detailed “week in XXX” threads in crypto.

With the success of the original week in eth threads by evan van ness,, we believe that a similar “product” in the NFT space will have a far reach and growth potential.


Continued cadenced production by Crypto-gucci.eth of week in NFT twitter threads. LondonDAO will assert no editorial pressure on the actual content of his twitter threads. LondonDAO will be provided with a sponsorship shoutout as part of the twitter thread.

  • Sponsorship in the form of a graphic to go into the first tweet with a small “sponsored by LondonDAO” branding?

    Example ^

  • A final tweet describing London DAO and how others can seek LondonDAO grants.


Funding will be continued production of content throughout Season 1 ending at February 1st. Payout will be in 50% $LONDON + 50% ETH.

Requested amount 1.5 ETH + equivalent $LONDON at payout.

Half of the amount will be payed out initially and the other half will be paid at the end of Season 1 at the satisfaction of all parties with the fulfillment of the grant.

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