@dabbott dev residency program

Authors: @dave4506 @dabbott

Team: @dave4506

Date Created: 11-8-2021

Date Posted: 11-12-2021


Dabbott is building 721.so, an easy to use UI to build highly customizable NFT contracts. These tools expand the capabilities of the LONDON community to produce new unique art with their own contracts.


dabbott is a unicorn developer and artist building thoughtful projects like OpenPalette and 721.so


Officially call u “Dev in residence @LondonDAO

Add a footer shoutout to @LondonDAO

Continued research & development of 721.so and related tools:

  • Metadata handling: Explore integrated IPFS and/or Arweave metadata and asset uploading
  • Dapp builder: Allow artists to create frontend dapps for people to mint their NFTs
  • Explore additional NFT contract features:
  • Education:
    • Tutorials & documentation
    • Work with artists to release a few collections using 721.so (adding features as needed) and document them as “case studies”


Funding will be continued production of content throughout Season 1 ending at February 1st. Payout will be in 50% $LONDON + 50% ETH.

Requested amount 4 ETH and equivalent $LONDON at payout date.

Half of the amount will be payed out initially and the other half will be paid at the end of Season 1 at the satisfaction of all parties with the fulfillment of the grant.

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