////////Future Tilt

Future Tilt

Authors + Team: Maria Helena Trad#8257 + tommy, #3630

created: December 22, 2021

posted: January 10, 2022


Future Tilt is an Artist bridge. A cross-time, cross-cultural and cross-technological gateway. We connect under-resourced Artists to an abundant global audience and marketplace by propelling creatives into the Web3 ecosystem and greater blockchain communities. We launch genesis NFT collections for historically marginalized creators— actualizing creative liberation.

Within our grant proposal, we seek to remove the financial blocker for these incoming NFT Artists, and our current geographic focus is in the areas of the Global South, including Central and South America with Artists in México (Chiapas, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo) and Venezuela (Caracas).

Future Tilt and The Genesis Collective, our debut project, seeks funding to implement this specific Artist onboarding program (demographic and geographic focus) to launch, market, and sell: seven new Artists’ genesis NFT collections over the next eleven months.

Our broader focus and visions include empowering new NFT Artists to become cultural leaders in their communities, incorporating blockchain technologies in emerging ways. Within this aim, we initiate and collect an on-chain database of preserved culture. Furthermore, the creation of generative art NFT collections from these new Artists and/or Future Tilt within the LondonDAO/Proof of Beauty ecosystems is equally our focus and will be based on the creative scope of the incoming Artists practices. To this end, we are open to phasing in qualifying Artists and Future Tilt NFT projects with LondonDAO branding and/or content.

Our first featured creator, Carlos Cea, is a Mexican painter and muralist based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Cea has been onboarded onto Foundation, courtesy of Maria Helena Trad, and is preparing his genesis collection drop.


As seen from a deeply personal vantage point (https://foundation.app/@mariahelenatrad), we believe that access to technology, agencies of expression, and cultural production are currently dominated by the Global North. We believe in a redistribution of wealth and empowerment, and a coming together of the world with utmost honor and respect to group cultural identities and histories. Our mission with Future Tilt, and directly with this first project, targets the elevation of Artists within regions of the Global South, equipping them with the necessary tools and mentoring to successfully and sustainably enter the NFT arena. We commit to working closely with each Artist from creative incubation of their current practices through the execution of each NFT and genesis collection; from minting to listing, marketing and full sale. All revenue and royalties will go to Artists (less marketplace fee splits). This initial project is unique in that each Artist comes from a geographical region which is under-represented or currently not represented at all in the NFT space.

Moreover, the current regions we are operating from (Trad in Oaxaca and Chiapas; Tommy in Quintana Roo) are becoming increasingly more open to emerging blockchain and crypto solutions— opening the way for innovative integrations. Furthermore, the funding infrastructure of this project allows Artists to freely create without the burden of a commission fee being extracted from their NFT sales, with funding being allocated to Tommy and Trad— facilitating the vision of Future Tilt as a totally supportive mechanism right out of the gate.

Maria Helena Trad is a Visual Artist living and working across Chiapas and Oaxaca in Southern México, creating Art in Public Spaces and phasing these experiences into Web3 and NFTs. Recently based out of Central America and now the Yucatan, Tommy is a crypto native cross-chain Web3 community builder and onboarder (DAOs such as MetaGame, Giveth, DotdotDAO), a music and event organizer (IRL/digital events in Art, NFTs, music, such as support with MetaFest and MetaVerse Music Festival), a Visual Artist and music producer, with a recent focus on incubation and launch pads for new use cases in NFTs and DAOs (DiveDAO on Astro, with NEAR).


The Genesis Collective Project for 7 Artists will include:

Web3/NFT Onboarding
• Web3 Wallets and Basics
• NFT basics
• NFT ecosystems - Foundation/Zora/Async (Trad is preparing a genesis collection drop there) + more Marketplaces
• Discord Community (including TOKENSMART, MetaGame, etc.) + Twitter Bridge-building

Creative Cultivation
• Creative Mentorship and NFT Art Curation
• Project Development Support
• Unlockable Content Support
• Launch 7 Genesis Collections
• NFT Marketing Campaigns
• Social Media Marketing Support
• Initial collector base established
• NFTs sold out

5 NFT Gallery & Onboarding Events
• Showcase of the Genesis Collections in each region
• Onboarding Presentations
• Artists and Guest Speakers


February 2022
Onboard + Mint Artist #1 Carlos Cea on Foundation

Mid-March 2022:
Event in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

April 2022
Onboard + Mint Artist #2

May 2022
Event in Oaxaca

June 2022
Onboard + Mint Artist #3

July 2022
Mid May: Onboard + Mint José Cabrera

August 2022
Event in Venezuela

September 2022
Onboard + Mint Artist #5

October 2022
Mid-August: Onboard + Mint Artist #6

November 2022
Event in Quintana Roo
Onboard + Mint Artist #7

December 2022
Finale Event in location TBD


Maria Helena Trad - Project Manager and Creative Genesis Collective Director

Tommy - Project Manager and Tech Incubation Liaison

Artists: (so far)

Carlos Cea
José Cabrera (Venezuela)


88k USD total:

54k for 2 Project Managers for 9-12 months’ time (aiming for 11); 2.45k/month for 2 managers will deliver creative support and project creation for 7 Artists, including onboarding assistance, event production, curation, etc. for the greater Genesis Collective onboarding project. Project Managers will continue to build out Future Tilt to create a self-sustaining onboarding agency.

14k for Onboarding Funding for 7 Artists (2k each) into Mainnet NFT arena
• covers minting fees, store fees, gas fees
• empowers Artists to enter the marketplace without cost deterrents

15k for 5 NFT Gallery Onboarding Events
• showcasing Artists NFTs in local communities, with the possibility of onboarding more new Artists into web3, blockchain, crypto, and DAO’s
• creating a network effect
• explore new use cases of art community and localized tokens

5k for FutureTiltDAO and Project Expenses
• bounties for branding (logo, etc.)
• FutureTiltDAO startup fees Mainnet
• gas fee fund


January + February 2022:
• Continue onboarding Carlos Cea onto Web3; introduce to Discord/Twitter communities and incubate genesis collection drop on Foundation; initiate marketing strategy and unlockable content
• Plan first event in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas
• Onboard Artist #2