Meme Bounty Proposal

To help with the marketing of the London DAO, we suggest creating a “Meme Bounty” that runs with each season. This bounty will reward London DAO members who create memes and other advertising material that we can use to promote the DAO and its work on Discord, Twitter, and elsewhere.

The Details

.5 ETH + 100,000 $London Tokens will fund the meme bounty. DAO members will post memes to the DAO #marketing channel, which gives the DAO permission to use the memes in marketing on Twitter, and share to Twitter.
At the end of each week (on Saturday or Sunday), members of the DAO council will award a 5,000 $London token bounty per good quality meme to creators, awarding a maximum of 100,000 $London Tokens per season. Awards will only be given to high quality memes that meet the following criteria: 1) are good enough that we want to share the meme from the @LondonDAO Twitter account, 2) are high-quality jpgs (look good, are not blurry when posted, etc), 3) are voted on by the majority of the DAO council to receive a bounty.
In addition, at the end of each season we will award .25 ETH to the two best memes out of all of the memes created that season. The two best memes will be determined by a vote of the DAO council.