Museum of On-Chain Art Funding Proposal v. 2

Title: Museum of On-Chain Art
Authors: @spacefe
Team: Spacefe, Dave, DAO Council
Date Created: 11/17/21
Date Posted: 11/17/21

# Summary

This proposal suggests that the London DAO fund and collect a gallery of fully on-chain NFTs created by emerging and independent artists in the NFT space. The resulting collection, The Museum of On-Chain Art, will be exhibited using a digital gallery space.


By establishing this collection, we hope to establish the London DAO as a supporter of independent artists and creativity in the NFT space. By collecting this on-chain art, we hope to build relationships with artists doing truly innovative crypto-native work, encouraging them and their communities to participate in the London DAO’s grant-making program, and increasing our visibility as a DAO. Finally, we believe that the on-chain art currently being created has unique historical value, and may become significantly more financially valuable as well. Eventually, the DAO may choose to sell some of these NFTs to fund its own treasury.


Process: If funded, the DAO will send 10 ETH to a multi-sig wallet created by Spacefe and Dave. Spacefe will create an Opensea Page called the “London DAO Museum of On-Chain Art” to be associated with this account. Spacefe will research works to acquire, and seek feedback from the LondonDAO community. In collaboration with Dave and the DAO community, she will chose pieces to purchase. She will advertise new acquisitions using the @LondonDAO Twitter account, as well as advertising the collection there generally. She will also create educational posts about generative art, and the historical significance of particular pieces. Ownership of this wallet and the pieces owned by it will lie fully with the DAO.


This project will be run and managed by Spacefe. She will be responsible for:

  1. Curating the collection, in collaboration with the LondonDAO community.
  2. Advertising the collection.
  3. Posting about the collection using the @ LondonDAO account.
  4. Engaging with artists, collectors, and other interested parties on Twitter and Discord.


The initial funding request for this project is 10 ETH, to be distributed in two 5 ETH installments. The first 5 ETH will be distributed after this proposal is accepted and the new multi-sig wallet is created. The second 5 ETH will be distributed once the initial funds are spent, if the council believes that the project is being conducted productively. Eventually, Spacefe may submit proposals for additional funding.


  1. Spacefe and Dave will create a multi-sig to host the collection and acquisition funds.
  2. This wallet should be funded with the initial 5 ETH.
  3. Spacefe will propose a set of initial acquisitions and bring this list to the DAO for feedback. She will engage with the community about her choices, refine this list, and make the initial purchases.
  4. Spacefe will create a digital gallery to exhibit this art.
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