Museum of On-Chain Art Funding Proposal

This proposal suggests that the London DAO fund and collect a gallery of fully on-chain NFTs created by emerging and independent artists in the NFT space. The resulting collection, The Museum of On-Chain Art, will be exhibited using a digital gallery space. This collection will be curated by Spacefe, in collaboration with the DAO Council and the DAO community. Collections on our radar include, Gradis, Various Books, Quilts-on-chain, and Framed Growth.

Our hope is that, by establishing this collection, we will help solidify the London DAO’s position as a supporter of independent artists and creativity in the NFT space. By collecting this art, we hope to build relationships with artists, encouraging them and their communities to participate in the London DAO’s grant-making program, and to increase our visibility as a DAO. Finally, we believe that the on-chain art currently being created has unique historical value, and may become significantly more financially valuable as well. Eventually, the DAO may choose to sell some of these NFTs to fund its own treasury.

Request to fund initial acquisitions: 10 ETH.
Process: If funded, the DAO will send 10 ETH to the wallet that Spacefe uses for DAO business (currently holding funds to reimburse LPers gas fees). Spacefe will create an Opensea Page called the “London DAO Museum of On-Chain Art” to be associated with this account, and make generative art purchase. She will advertise new acquisitions using the @LondonDAO Twitter account, as well as advertising the collection there generally. Spacefe will post about prospective purchases in the Discord and seek input from the community before deciding on new collections and pieces to buy. Ownership of this wallet and the pieces owned by it will lie fully with the DAO, and if wanted or necessary a multi-sig can be created to govern it.