NFT Insight Content Sponsorship Proposal

NFT Insight content sponsorship proposal



NFT Insight is an NFT writer that has been published by high profile publications including Decrypt, Cointelegraph and 137PM. Additionally, he has his own Substack page with an email subscription list of 850 emails.

Over the past two months he has been receiving between 1500-2000+ views on each article. The content created serves to educate beginners through foundational topics, as well as intermediaries and experts on the most pertinent topics in the NFT space. My writing is completely free and is a great resource for everyone wanting to learn about the NFT space.

Subsequently, I would like to seek a sponsorship to support my content creation going forward.


I am making this proposal as it will help me to create without having to worry about time, and thus pushing me to write to the best of my ability.

Between August and today, I have published 52 articles on my Substack page:

I believe with the creation and content that I provide for the community, my Susbstack will continue to grow and reach the heights of creators such as

Providing free, educational content that helps others has always been a driving point for me. I entered the space by writing, interviewing creators and it saw my account blossom into all different directions through the connections I made. Writing will always be important to me, and I want to be able to continue it.

Scope of work

I set myself 1 article every week, or every 1.5 week at the latest for my Substack page. I would continue to set myself this target and continue to post educational content, foundational content, NFT news, and on occasion if necessary, interviewing creators.

At the beginning of each of my articles I can begin with a sponsorship shoutout- “This article was brought to you by London DAO”

It can also conclude with my subscription button, as well as a final link to London DAO.

Just like cointelegraph, 137pm, and decrypt that have custom made publication images for the article, this is where I fall short. I often have to search for royalty free images which is not ideal. If LondonDAO were to create enticing art, linked to the topic of the article with their LondonDAO watermark (of course not overbearing of the actual image) I think this would be beneficial for the reach of the articles too.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to learning more about LondonDAO!