Reallocation of funds to reward council contribution

Relocation of Season 2 Funds


This document proposes that we reallocate a portion of our unspent budget to reward internal contributions and roll into funding for development during season 3.


In an attempt to curb treasury spending and focus on more internally focus initiatives, our Season 2 funding model was very conservative. The restrictiveness of the model caused the members of the DAO to be more cognizant of funds being deployed as well as the return on investment those funds provided. We spent even less than our original frugal budget because of the contributions provided by various council members that volunteered their time and effort to help our DAO reach its season 2 goals.

Scope of Contribution

  • Our transition to an organization in which we create value for ourselves has largely been the result of our operational teams. Funding analysis was performed on the Season 1 budget and was subsequently used to make the Season 2 funding model.
  • Operations and task associated with marketing and rebranding have been owned by certain council members. Strategizing around and implementing these tasks is usually done by a HIGHLY paid team. Our members were able to use their time and ability to complete a large percentage of these initiatives.
  • Certain council members have been consistently looking for partnerships and opportunities for the DAO to increase its orb of influence and standing inn the space
  • Members have taken it upon themselves to strategize and experiment with new IP and ways to reward the community, and generate revenue.

Funding requirements

  • We have a talented, big-brained group of individuals that provided value to the DAO. We would like to reward them for their frugality and hard work during the season.

The DAO has 5 ETH left in the budget for season 2. We are proposing that 2.5 be reallocated to the council contribution tier and 2.5 ETH to be rolled over into an initiative next season to be decided upon later.

Next season we will be creating a more equitable compensation structure for contributors and council members. We will use Coordinape for the remainder of this season.

Next Steps

This proposal will be brought before the council to determine acceptability, after passing the initial vote, the proposal will be posted to the wider community.