Season 3 Proposal


We completed many of our goals set for Season 2. We are more focused on our own growth as an organization. We have achieved synergy in our future goals for the DAO as well. We have a structure we can iterate on and improve into the future.

The total budget allocation for Season 3 is 18 ETH and 2,000,000 London
The Dao has transitioned from a Grant system that rewards contributors into one in which we directly reward those within the organization that provide value and move us forward as an Organization.,
We will be setting aside a portion of funding for unforeseen opportunities that might present themselves to the DAO during the course of the season.


Our experiences during Season 2 have made it apparent that most of the value provided to our organization has been provided by core contributors within the organization. We would like to use that information to inform a more equitable compensation model for Season 3.

A breakdown of compensation tiers can be found below:

Tier 1

Tier 1 allocates a certain amount of funding for council members that have not yet been given a designated roll, but would like to add value. This tier also funds possible contributions from the wider DAO community.
- 1 ETH and 100,000 London has been allocated for this tier.

Tier 2

This season, tier 2 will represent the funding our core contributors will receive for the work they do to push the DAO forward.

  • Crypto-Gucci

  • For supporting our community through our partnership, exposing LondonDAO to his fast growing audience, and generally being an extremely valuable brand ambassador that we are happy to have on the team.
    - 3 ETH has been allocated for Crypto-Gucci’s commitment during Season 3.

  • SpaceFe

    • SpaceFe is our marketing coordinator and our community manager. She provides a lot of value to this DAO under the umbrella of these positions. She is the director of our Museum of On-chain Art and works to make acquisitions that cement us as appreciators of the ART history of Ethereum. Additionally, she wears many hats as needed to push initiatives forward.

      • 3 ETH and 600,000 London has been allocated toward her commitment during season 3.
    • Bitwizard

      • Bitwizard provides value to the DAO in many ways. He is the DAO’s chief strategist. He assists Danny with operational duties by providing strategic advice ad or completing operational tasks himself. Additionally, He has used his experience to assist the DAO in creating marketing strategies that he will continue to push during the course of Season 3.
      • 4.5 ETH and 400,000 London has been allocated for Bitwizard’s commitment during season 3.
    • DefiDanny

      • Danny has and will continue to provide operational support for most DAO initiatives as well as project management tasks on an as needed basis. Additionally, Danny has taken it upon himself to essentially our new IP drop. It’s his hope that this new project will generate some real revenue for the DAO.
      • 4 ETH and 400,000 London has been allocated for Danny’s contribution during season 3.

Tier 3

It has come to our attention that opportunities pop up that the DAO may be able to take advantage of. To account of this possibility, we will be allocating 2 ETH and 500,000 London to this tier.

Next Steps

The DAO will vote on this proposal. If this proposal is passed, a payment of 1/2 of the season allocation for Season 3 will be distributed among those described in tier 2 above.