Treasury Gnosis gas refunds for multisig holders

Title: Treasury Gnosis gas refunds for multi-sig holders
Authors: THX-IOI
Team: DAO Council
Date Created: 24/11/2021
Date Posted: 24/11/2021

This proposal will enable DAO council multisig holders to request refunds on Treasury and Museum of On-chain Art Gnosis gas fees taken from their own wallets.


Ethereum gas fees are expensive right now and the council members have been footing the bill for the transactions made on the treasury and Museum of On-chain Art gnosis safes.


Only members of the council with access to the gnosis safe who have paid for gas out of their own funds will be eligible for refunds.


Refund requests will be processed and handled by a council representative (currently @spacefe)
An existing wallet created for gas fee refunds held by council member @spacefe will be used to fill refund requests. @Spacefe may request to move this task to another council member / wallet if for whatever reason she is unable to fulfill this duty.

The following process will be followed:

  1. A DAO council representative (currently @Spacefe) will manage the refund process.
  2. @Spacefe will top up 1 ETH from the LondonDAO whenever the fund is no longer able to cover fees.
  3. Council members will provide a receipt in the form of a PDF of the etherscan transaction showing the gas fee spent to
  4. The representative will review these transactions to ensure their validity.
  5. Gas fees will be reimbursed by the council representative on behalf of the LondonDAO.
  6. The representative will maintain an up-to-date and publicly viewable spreadsheet of reimbursements made and funds taken from the treasury to be accessible from the DAO’s Notion page.
  7. This proposal will be reviewed and maybe renewed at the end of season 1.


The designated wallet will be topped up with 1 ETH whenever funds reach zero.


@spacefe to start accepting refund requests.

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